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This dream of having a store has been a long time in the making.
I grew up working in our families' corner store.
It had the family name centered across the building.
I was so proud to look up and see our last name plastered on this huge sign.
I was too young then to completely understand what a  "NAME" stood for.
Over the years, my father taught me how to live up to that name; all the while I didn't realize the lesson, until I became an adult, and went into the world.
Our last name on the big sign came to mean for me, that anyone coming into our store, would have the best Customer Service.

It didn't mean haggle with a customer if they were a few cents short.

I learned that those were our best customers.

These types of customers would spread the word throughout the neighborhood, that we were fair and honest people.

The customers who were short a penny or 2, would come back with the money eventually, and bring friends and family along with them to shop. 

There were other corner stores in the neighborhood, but we stood out. We treated customers with dignity and respect.

We had customers in our neighborhood that could not afford a lot; some were not fortunate to own a home, a vehicle- let alone a store. 

I was taught to have compassion for others; to treat them the same way that I wanted to be treated. We were there to provide a service, not to belittle others, because they were a penny or 2 short.

I experienced all forms of people coming into our store. I worked there until I was 14 years-old, and like most teenagers do, I moved on to experience teenage things.

I am much older now. However the memories of those days, and knowledge that I gained from those years of meeting so many different people; shaped a large part of who I am today.

I learned that being fair and honest takes one a long way in life.

We gained customers, because that was a practice that we stood by.

The word of mouth, from the customers, is what assisted in growing our customer base. I went through life having compassion for others, whom may not have been as fortunate as I had been growing up.

It taught me that I was no better than the next person, one decision-here or there, and we could have been living a different lifestyle.

The customers taught me about being gracious and having humility

The family store; which was my father's dream, has lived with me my entire life. 

PUTITNDABAG is a  way of honoring him. He took a shy kid, and stuck me out in front of strange people, and mentored me. He gave me lessons that stuck with me for a lifetime. He taught me how to speak up, and become the leader that he saw in me. 


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